My Parents Headstone Google Street View

There are a number of posts below & throughout this blog pertaining to those who have passed away.
The posts were created to honor them & to know (a little) more about who they were.
However from a research perspective the information is essential for future family members who never knew about them or where they are buried. 

A simple headstone can often provide more critical genealogical information than google!
You may drive by a cemetery without knowing you're driving right by the grave of someone you knew. One you can easily see from the road.
While most who knew my parents have also
passed or moved away there are a "few," locally who may drive right by unaware they're
doing so.
My parents "reside," in one of the second rows at All Souls Cemetery on Marble Ave. in Pleasantville NY 10570
 You can easily see the back of their headstone (currently) thanks to google's street view.
This view may change as some do but for the last few years as you "drive," up or down Marble Avenue you can see their headstone. The easiest way to find it is to search for Irvington St.

Google street view may take you "down," the road so you may need to "swing around," facing the other way so you're looking at Marble Ave as shown above.
Looking straight ahead  behind the cemetery fence in the second row you'll see two black or darker headstones. My parents grave is between the two as shown in the second photo.
When you're on Marble Avenue depending on your direction as shown below you will be just passing or approaching the cemetery exit. There is also a large oak tree as shown below just before/after it. The headstone is easily visible as you drive by in your car or online.

We live in a time where we can each "see," one another online or on the phone. 
I mean literally. We can actually SEE each other. 
I can also travel to Pleasantville to "visit," my parents in less time than it takes to physically drive up n' down Marble Avenue.


To make the blog more visually appealing I linked to your right photos & documents in slide show albums running all the way down the right side of the page. 
But they're not there are they? 
Are they gone for good? 
Well for the very few of you who can still see them & that would definitely be a select few you can just let the slide shows roll or you could go to the online album when clicking on an image or the link itself.
Most of you can no longer see them because of the infinite changes to google & web browsers. 
This is especially true for the majority of you looking at this
on a mobile device.
I do hope you'll scroll this blog enjoying the many stories & memories from the past:

Death Becomes Us

There are multiple ways to obtain info on relatives who've passed away.
I've used my family as an example.

Some have archived or active obituaries. Never trust a link! I've seen many a link
"disappear," when the need to keep that source active is no longer assumed to be of
importance, or it's been moved to another link making it difficult to locate or sold to another party.

Remember too a nickname is not a name. My father was referred to as Frank, but he
is officially listed as Americo. Although Harry born Americo is only known as Harry
except for his birth certificate. The mystery of how he became Harry died with him.

We are moving towards a paperless society which is dangerous. One major hack & it's "all gone."
If you find info you want to keep at the very least print it.

You may not find many a relative because they died before social security became the
"identifier," for your life's file or because records were not kept. They may be listed on paper in the
town where they were born/died or married.

Donald is buried on the property so he also becomes more invisible on certain sites since he is
not documented through church/town records.

1. Obituaries.

My Family Examples of Online Obituaries:

donald has the most because he was the last to pass away:

clara's is still active but dan's is no longer:

barbara arpie fusco:

When searching family most stop after finding "relatives," forgetting or not caring about the spouse or kids.
Searching for them better identifies that part of your family, otherwise you have only 1/2 the information.
An example of this is barbara's husband joe:


This website uses data from multiple sites mostly using social security numbers to create lists.
Names are not listed individually. Scroll to find your ancestor, if they're listed.
Based on last name first here's how mine are displayed. Donald is not yet listed:

mom& doug:


Yeah i know the name sounds awful but 

it's the best looking site with general information about your relatives 
& your last name.
You'll notice the average lifespan for persons with our last names
is in the mid 70's. Obviously this is skewed as most lifespan data is generated
from older generations who died younger:

I found most of the Cedrone siblings. I search only the sibling not spouses
or children to keep it simple.
Nancy nor Ann were found. I also searched Annunziata &
Clara has not yet been added.

doug's grand daughter amy:

This site is made up of volunteers who

are often not related to the deceased.
They add gravestone info & photos at random
I contributed my parent's to this site the rest linked below were added by strangers although Clara & Dan's may have been a Marini family member. I also added a new photo to their link showing the updated stone (After Clara passed away) as well as a better photo of my grandparents headstone which is linked on my parents page
My Parents Headstone plus Clara & Dan's followed by Harry & Edna. I have no idea why the person who photographed Harry's headstone didn't clean it before doing so. 
The last link is the Camilli Mausoleum where Nancy & family are interned although only Carmela, Peter & Nancy's first born is listed 
The other siblings, Vi & Ann are not found online & as of this date Sid (Salvatore) is still
"residing," in an urn at home: 

My Parents Headstone Google St View: 
Look for the orange arrow: 

In The End It Doesn't Matter

In the end it doesn't matter. 
In the post below I shared "tons," of new family images:
Photos from original negatives most if not all have never before seen. NEVER!
No one said a word. 
How is it possible not one family member seeing these for the first time 70+ years later have no reaction? 
Not a call (Call? Who calls anymore?)
Not an email/text.
Not a comment on this blog (but that's expected since few visit here) or on facebook. 
In the end it doesn't matter.
Like life itself it doesn't matter. 
You have health problems. Do you think most care. I mean really care? NO!
Do you know what they DO care about. Traffic. How much traffic there is on the way to your wake. But what's most important? The "luncheon" following your funeral. In the end you're less important than what's for dinner!
You pass away. 
Family/friends mourn for a moment if you're lucky.
As services become less traditional with one day funerals less make the effort to attend. 
In fact it's believed funerals will become limited to a select few with more "viewing," online. 
After you're gone life quickly moves on. 
But unlike years ago where you weren't saturated inundated & self absorbed with your cell phone putting it first & foremost in your life people were more inclined to remember you. 
Today? You're like a post/tweet/text...quickly buried by the next one 
In the end I've realized all of this doesn't matter:
If I died today a few might mourn but don't kid yourself they'll still be thinking...
Think I'm wrong? Think of every person you
know who has passed away. Sure if it's a parent or sibling maybe a close friend you might think about them every so often but overall the majority of those gone rarely come to mind. 
That's reality.    
Your life like all of the media linked above would eventually fade away.
Life goes on (as it should) but what does not go on is the memory of you. As the years pass you become less visible in the minds of those who knew you.
Eventually those who knew you best will also pass away & with them goes what little memory there was of you & them.  
In the end all of this doesn't matter.
See ya'

New Family Images From Old Negatives

There are a TON of new photos now online.

A culmination of images from different families. Unlike the other images online I did not restore these. They are as the originals look. Most are of good quality.

I did not identify the photos. After naming every person in everyone of the 100's upon 100's of photos online I just couldn't do that all over again.
Some are obvious like this one which KILLS me. Pete Nancy & Alice
(Gotta' love the look on her face):

There are few blurry images (There's nothing I can do about blurry) This is a double image it is not an error in uploading:

Some I have no clue as to who they are. In this image my mother is the young girl on the ground holding another girl in her arms. The rest are unknown. Although that might be Ann hidden by my mother's arm:

These are mostly of Hobby St when the families lived there. Pete, Nancy, kids & Camilli cousins. The Marini's & as for the Cedrones, it's mostly Clara, Ann & my mother with a few of Vi & a young Sonny. There are none of Harry that I recall. There are a few that were taken in Italy like this one of Matty:

Some images repeat. I believe the repeat starts where you see Ann standing next to a STOP sign.

Camilli Marini Cedrone Album:


Keeping Your Web Page Alive For Future Generations

Years ago you had mostly paper as the only proof your business existed. 
Letterheads, business cards, yellow page/newspaper/magazine ads...
How much of your family's business still exists? 
If you're lucky you have some photos and film or video too.
Besides a few paint brushes, an 8mm film of my father & brothers painting: 
& a single sheet of letter head there is nothing left of my father's painting business.
I owned Engagements DJ Entertainment, a very successful full time Rhode Island wedding DJ service for decades.
I have images from many a reception, plus some old magazine ads & my business cards.
Before I deactivated the web site I took screen shots of each page.
Today businesses come n' go as quickly as the speed of the internet itself.
Many businesses have little to nothing after they're gone especially now with so little paper (outside of business cards & even then cards are often tossed or lost as fast as they're given).
There is such an infinite supply of every thing & every business I know I became a memory (at best) the second I retired from the industry. I was forgotten before the web site went down. I was often referred to as Larry from Engagements. Today I'm Larry "WHO?"
That doesn't matter because years from now someone can look at these screen shots & say...
he was Larry...from Engagements

Recent Family History Finds

While I've "retired," from most ancestral research I do occasionally dabble & sometimes get a hit or two. Unfortunately all of the media featured within this blog and the master link:
just sits here rarely if ever viewed by family.
It has nothing to do with content. There is an abundance of that.
It's a combination of three factors:
1). The "old timers," featured within are gone. In fact most passed away before I began this project 8 years ago. Ah! But what about their families? 
Too many from their kid's generation also passed away or weren't online (as odd as that sounds but there was a time when EVERY ONE wasn't living online). As each generation
passes away it further separates the current generations(s) from those that died. That gap only widens as the living talk less about their ancestors. If your grandparents died before you were born or when you were young your memory or knowledge of them would be limited. You may know of them as your grandparents but not who they were. 
When the very persons featured are no longer living worsened by their families taking less of an interest it leads to...
2). Fewer talking about their heritage. Many families have a wealth of history but few if any go to the "bank," which then leads to...
3).  Knowing only the present. Facebook, texting, twitter, & whatever comes next continues to create a self centered society. LOOK at ME. SEE what I did. READ about ME...
Yeah I know there a great many pluses to all of it but with such a daily addiction (Daily? Try every waking moment) they forget they wouldn't exist without those who came before them.
In the end all of this becomes history. Unfortunately not in the traditional sense. Instead it's similar to when something's worn out, tired holding little to no value. It's "history."

Here are my most recent finds:
Scroll down this link to the right to the headline that reads:
"Two Youth Outrun Police at 85mph Chase

Matty Camilli & Sid (Salvatore) Cedrone have the peddle to the metal:

Matty & Sonny are at it again! Each are fined $12.50 for hunting. Scroll down the Hunting/Fishing news column to the bottom of that column:
You may need to increase the size to read it.
Henry Camilli injuries himself with an exploding 

construction cap. Right column titled
"Grand Jury Hears Child Victims Tell of Dynamite Caps":

Lastly a couple of years ago a film director from South America asked if he could use a clip of my home movie in his movie made up of old films. In return I along with anyone else who said YES were listed in the imdb (film database) as producer: 

Recently I was asked to provide home movie footage for a Motorcycle Racing Team documentary where the racers in the off hours played cards...

The is the NYS Digital Newspaper Home Page:

Go to the map & pick the area you want to search. For obvious reasons I picked Westchester.
Search names & to make easier narrow the dates. You don't have to pick exact dates just narrow down the years.

If you come across anything pertaining to any of our families please email the link to me
Here's some of what I found by just "bouncing around:"

My Birth Announcement:

Worlds Fair Tickets (My mother & I went. I never knew they won them or if I did I forgot):

Nancy's Obituary:

Peter's Passing:

My Father & Marie Speak Up About Parking on Hopper St:

Matty's Election:
WOW is this well written:

Matty Wins:

Matty's Obituary:

Joyce & Ed's Wedding:

Diane's Part of Vocational Beauty School:

Anthony Fricchione Pinewood Derby:

Marie playing basketball in 7th grade:

Here's Marie winning a dance contest:

Harry & Sid listed as general contractors:
A few of my high school football clippings:

Viet Nam in HD Our Family Home Movies Update

Three years ago I was approached by Documentary film maker Lou Reda for his Vietnam in HD History Channel series. 
They were interested in using clips of our family home movies in the documentary which aired 2011.

If you never saw the series it's quite impressive. It's available on Netflix & here on youtube:

Our footage is shown within the first few minutes. The clip of Diane & George's wedding was used in all of their commercials including at least one commercial of Diane in her pink party dress.
Their wedding moment was also the lead in for the series. As they show them they overlap the video with the caption OVER TEN YEARS which is the lead in for the series. That same clip is shown in all the parts of the mini series.

This video shows the clips used:

Because I contributed footage I was listed in the credits but since some were licensed though my legal name Loreto & others by Larry I received twice the billing. When I asked why, they said they weren't sure if Larry & Loreto were the same people. My wife says the same thing!

These are the approx times each clip is seen in the first video:
 & it's only in the first video that they are all used. Only Diane & George appear in the beginning of each video:

1:09 Anthony doing the twist. My back is to him.
1:28 Diane & George (Antionette is also briefly seen) with the caption...OVER TEN YEARS
4:02 My father & me.( I'm 1. He's 45!)
5:25: Diane (before George) Christmas-time dance with date.
This clip is immediately followed by Cousin Vilma & my brother Doug & wife Noreen.

Today while searching family history, without searching for this specifically out of nowhere came Noreen's 1965 obituary: 

Recently I was asked to provide home movie footage for a Motorcycle Racing Team documentary where the racers in the off hours played cards...